Key Industry Sectors

The Greater Toronto Area is a major centre for many key industry sectors. Several have grown to be among the largest and most prominent in North America by capitalizing on the region’s competitive costs, well-educated workforce, exceptional infrastructure and world class R&D.

Other important sectors are continuing to develop and are beginning to fully exploit the advantages available in the Toronto region to become global performers.

Numerous opportunities for investment and growth exist within the GTA’s key sectors, including: (in the right)

The Toronto region’s ability to attract creative, highly skilled people and support world class R&D is closely linked to the emergence of these globally competitive sectors.


Food & Beverage

Overview The GTA’s food-processing sector is the second-largest cluster in North America, beating out Chicago but behind Los Angeles as a major continental centre for the industry.

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Overview The Greater Toronto Area’s aerospace industry has a proud history of innovation and technology leadership, enhances the well-being of Ontarians and all Canadians, is strong contributor to Ontario’s and Canada’s economy, and supports our international reputation as a knowledge-based economy.

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Overview Three major auto manufacturers – General Motors, Ford and DaimlerChrysler – collectively operate six assembly plants in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

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Clean Energy & Environment

Overview Ontario is rapidly emerging as an international hub for developing innovative clean tech solutions and delivering them to markets worldwide.

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Financial Services

Overview The Greater Toronto Area is the financial capital of Canada and the third largest financial services centre in North America.

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Information and Communications Technologies

Overview The Greater Toronto Area Information and Communications Technologies (GTA ICT) Benchmarking Study conducted by E&B DATA compared the Toronto region with other top metropolitan regions in North America.

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Interactive Digital Media

Lou Milrad, former Co-Chair, GTMA, shares his insights in the strengths of the Greater Toronto Area in the iDM sector.

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