Economic Overview

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) occupies a vital place in Canada by virtue of its size and economic influence. The region is home to more than five million people and generates more than 20% of the nation’s gross domestic product.

The GTA is the industrial and financial capital of Canada. Business and financial services, manufacturing, retail and wholesale trade, and transportation are the foundations of the region’s dynamic, diverse and growing economy. Closely linked with the continued expansion of these globally competitive sectors is the growth of the GTA’s deep pool of educated, skilled and creative people.

The region’s residents are drawn from across the globe, making the Toronto area the most multicultural urban centre in the world.


Business Climate

Business Climate North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) | Low-Risk Business Environment “Our governments view continued public sector spending on the upgrading of transportation infrastructure as key to healthy trade relations with the US,” points out Craig Alexander of TD Economics.

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Business Profile

Business Profile Economic Engine of Canada Approximately 14 percent (15,000) of Canada’s businesses are located in the Greater Toronto region, creating a diverse and vibrant economy.

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Cost of Doing Business

Cost of Doing Business The Canadian Advantage Canada is the second least costly industrialized nation to do business in according to the KPMG 2010 Competitive Alternatives Study.

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Labour Force

Labour Force The Toronto region has one of the most diversified economies in the world.

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Population Forecast and Growth Rate With a population of about 6 million in 2008, the GTA is Canada’s largest metropolitan area and accounts for 46.

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Real Estate

Real Estate The housing market within easy driving distance of the Toronto area is characterized by variety, availability and affordability for home ownership and rental accommodations.

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Telecom & Utilities

Telecom & Utilities Greater Toronto’s fully digital telecommunications infrastructure supports North America’s largest flat rate local telephone calling area, the continent’s highest percentage of wire-line telecommunications converted to fiber optic cable, and the highest per capita use of wireless devices of any city in North America.

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Transportation / Infrastructure

Transportation Infrastructure The Toronto region’s proximity to the United States is supported by a highly integrated transportation network.

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