How We Can Help

The GTMA is the key point of contact for prospective international investors looking to expand or locate their business in the Greater Toronto Area.

The GTMA has a dedicated team of private and public sector partners committed to helping new investors find the ideal business location and setup their operations. In collaboration with its partners, the GTMA offers free and confidential advisory services real estate, corporate legal, immigration, and accounting to help businesses make a sound investment decision.


Partner Collaboration


  • Provides economic, sectoral and community profile information
  • Makes the competitive business case for investing in the GTA
  • Introduces investors to key public sector officials and private sector companies
  • Coordinates meeting itineraries and visitation programs

Partner Spotlight


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The GTMA is partnered with a variety of leading Canadian accounting and business advisory firms offering integrated solutions in Assurance, Taxation, Business Advisory and Financial Recovery.

The GTMA’s partner firms of Chartered Accountants and Tax Advisors have extensive experience and maintain a clear understanding when faced with unique issues specific to your industry or business type.

Secure a stronger financial and market position by allowing these firms to assist you with the initial structuring of your Canadian operations and set up the local accounting system.

Busines Legal

For those interested in expanding or relocating to the GTA it is important to understand the relevant Canadian legal processes that are essential to establishing and maintaining a successful business venture.

The GTMA is partnered with several of Canada’s leading law firms who can provide you with a depth of experience and trusted legal advice to address virtually every facet of Canadian business law.

Draw from a diverse range of services that cater to helping international organizations achieve their business objectives. Gain a competitive advantage by tapping into industry expertise in a number of sectors including energy, technology, manufacturing, financial services, and more.


58% of those aged 25-64 have completed post-secondary education which is a direct result of the GTA’s world class educational environment.

With 5 universities and 6 colleges, the GTA continues to provide a high quality and quantity of skilled labour.

The GTMA is partnered with many of these educational institutions and as such we can provide important introductions and the opportunity to establish strategic relationships to assist you in accessing the main sources of talent that populates the GTA’s growing labour market.


The GTMA provides organizations looking to establish a business in the GTA a breadth of information and resources to ensure that the best financial practices are followed.

The GTMA is partnered with several of Canada’s leading finance consulting corporations who are able to advise potential GTA business owners about essential money management tools and help discover possible funding opportunities.

Our finance partners are able to provide industry-focused information and advice to ensure that your company can gain a competitive advantage.

Government Services

Governments at all levels are committed to encouraging and attracting investment by streamlining business processes, offering programs to assist investors in their expansion and relocation decisions, and ensuring a competitive, friendly and receptive business environment.

The GTMA can introduce you to public sector officials and help you gain government support.

Finally, the GTMA can introduce you to several programs from the federal and provincial governments, which help meet the need of companies looking to invest in Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area.

Human Resources

The current GTA labour force represents over 50% of the total labour force in Ontario.

As this number continues to grow, the GTMA and its partners can ensure the satisfaction of all your human resource needs through their expert knowledge and experience in staffing, executive recruiting and personnel training.

The GTMA can help you strategically tap into the GTA’s growing labour force and ensure that you are fully confident in staff performance, which is essential when expanding or relocating your business.


Citizenship and Immigration Canada offers a Business Immigration Program which seeks to attract experience business people to Canada either as an Investor, an Entrepreneur, or as Self-Employed.

To help this process of expanding or relocating a business to the Greater Toronto Area, the GTMA is partnered with one of Canada’s oldest and largest immigration law practices that is highly experienced in the movement of key personnel.

Utilize the GTMA and partners’ knowledge of Canadian immigration practices and legal requirements to ensure the most efficient transition to the GTA possible.

Infrastructure / Logistics

As one of the fastest growing urban regions in Canada, the GTA presents a superior telecommunication and transportation network, which facilitates the movement of goods and services, efficiently and economically.

The GTA is the industrial and financial capital of Canada and as such has created highly developed infrastructure to support the needs of a world class metropolitan area.

In addition to its extensive knowledge of the Toronto Region, the GTMA maintains private sector contacts that will both expand your resource network and help utilize the GTA’s logistical systems to the benefit of your expanded or relocated business.

Real Estate

The Greater Toronto Area offers the 2nd largest concentration of industrial space after Chicago and the 4th largest concentration of office space in North America. Combined with the fact that the GTA is within a 800km radius (one-day drive or 1 hour flight) of 135 million people, the GTA real estate market is an above average asset performer.

To guarantee that you identify a suitable building or site location for your new or expanding business, the GTMA is partnered with some of Canada’s leading commercial real estate advisory and brokerage companies.

Through local market expertise you can find comprehensive and experienced strategic advice in every major industry sector that utilizes commercial real estate. Utilize these skills and the GTMA’s knowledge of local industry sector studies and economic reports to pinpoint a location in the GTA that will best satisfy your business needs.


Our knowledge and understanding of the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA), which administers tax laws for most of Canada’s provinces and territories, is valuable as its various social and economic benefit and incentive programs can help ensure financial stability when expanding or relocating business to the GTA.

For example, the federal government is substantially invested in local research and development (R&D) operations and has initiated the ‘Scientific Research and Experimental Development’ (SR&ED) program.

This is a tax incentive program that encourages businesses of all sizes, and in all sectors to conduct research and development in Canada. It gives claimants cash refunds and/or tax credits for their expenditures for R&D work done in Canada.