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Best Coffee Shops in Toronto: An Overview of Options

Toronto Offers Great Options for All Types of Coffee DrinkersWhether you need a break from shopping or a quiet place to study, a convenient location to meet friends or a way to escape from the crowd, there is a coffee shop in Toronto to meet your needs. Toronto has many options for sampling the best of the brew.

Take yours “straight” with funky art, sip a latte with a tablet in your lap and a convenient plug nearby, savor a strong espresso after lunch, or grab a cup to go; no matter what your style, you won’t have to look far. No matter what neighborhood you visit in Toronto, you will also find special bags of beans to take home and enjoy on your own terms.

Here are 5 unique coffee shops that have earned top spots on a lot of lists:

Fahrenheit Coffee

Now with two locations to choose from, Fahrenheit Coffee at 120 Lombard Street in Old Town Toronto opened in 2011, and has repeatedly been voted Best Specialty Coffee House in the city. They offer three different espresso origins, all of them crafted excellently and consistently. A second shop is located at 529 Richmond Street West, but is closed on Sunday. They are both relatively small, but the baristas are friendly and knowledgeable, and there’s light fare available to accompany the perfectly brewed cups of coffee.

Manic Coffee

Located at 426 College St., this one’s a favourite with the college crowd. Study always goes better with perfectly-filtered coffee and naturally-flavoured gelato or sorbet, right? Here, however, you’ll find plenty of espresso artistry, hearty muffins and flaky croissants, cookies and Danish, and a friendly casual ambience. Go solo to study or stop in with friends for a “social hour.” Visitors are as welcome as students. It’s all good!

Boxcar Social

Boxcar Social is not a one-off coffee shop. In fact, there are five locations, and another offshoot that supplies pizza for the chain. But, every location is special! Hard as it may be to believe, not everyone loves coffee. Meet friends who prefer beer, wine or spirits and socialize in your own way, at breakfast or over dinner. The original was at 1208 Yonge St., Summerhill, but additional locations now include Riverside, Harbourfront, Temperance and The Slip. You’ll enjoy the decor as much as the brew. Or the pizza!

Coco Espresso Bar

What a place! It’s a little bit Italy, a little bit ice cream (gelato) parlor, a little bit lunch spot, and a lot of fun. Coffee, tea, sparkling water—find it all, including real Italian meats and cheeses, biscotti and cakes, at 29 Bellair St. The espresso is pretty good too! Raffaele Bettalico opened 15 years ago, with the goal of creating “a place to drink espresso, but to ‘taste’ Italy.” He succeeding in creating a trendy gathering spot that is among the most popular in the city.

Nespresso Boutique-Bar

The dazzling decor and comfy chairs are worth a visit, even if the coffee is expensive. But if your love for fancy coffee won’t be satisfied until you have all the perfect equipment to brew your own at home, this is where you’ll want to go. Take home all the equipment you could want from this unique boutique; sample complimentary coffee while you decide. It’s located at 159 Cumberland Street.

Toronto may not “run” on coffee, but residents do love it—brewed, flavored, artistic, and for any conceivable reason. Every neighbourhood has a well-loved coffee shop; they range from a great place to start the morning to the perfect spot for a late night pick-me-up. Whether you like your caffeine with sandwiches and a pastry, with a full meal or with gelato, you’re sure to find a coffee shop to love.

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